For such a time as this...

Why we launched a company selling one product, freeze dried organic chicken

Chicken can save America. Okay, so that might be overkill, but with the food crisis that’s spreading across the country, it’s not a stretch to say that having freeze dried organic chicken for long-term storage can save American families from having to stand in breadlines when the crap hits the fan.

We will very likely launch other products in the near future, but we are laser-focused on chicken right now. The reason is simple. With bird flu, supply chain issues, and extremely high demand, we see a near-future in which chicken becomes cost-prohibitive for most Americans. It’s best to offer it to our customers now before the prices skyrocket.


Taking Orders

We are growing fast and ship in seven to ten business days. Order now and get ahead of the rush.

100% Organic

Just because we're fighting food shortages doesn't mean we need to sacrifice quality.

Locally Sourced

We are working with local Texas chicken farmers to bring ship our freeze-dried chicken around the country

Just Sous Vide Chicken

Our bags of long-term storage food has one ingredient: Chicken. We don't even add salt so the flavor is up to you.

Long-Term Food Security

Our chicken is packaged in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers to maximize 25 years of shelf-life.

Privacy Protected

Unlike just about every other prepper company, we do NOT keep lists or sell your information to anyone.

Order Your
Chicken Today

We are launching our products carefully and purposefully. This is NOT a mega-corporation disguised as a “local” business, which is unfortunately very common in the industry. We’re real Americans trying to do what we feel the nation needs right now.

This is a first-come, first-served product. We order our chickens in small batches to make certain we scale appropriately and waste nothing. Our operations are tight with extreme focus on quality and safety.

We appreciate all who understand the situation our nation is in. We will do what we can to improve Americans’ food security.

Our Launch Plan

Here’s what we’re doing to get the chicken to you as quickly as possible…

April, 2022: Secure agreements with chicken farms in Texas to supply organic meat.

May, 2022: Purchase more freeze dryers if necessary to meet production requirements based on launch pre-orders.

June, 2022: Order our first batch of chickens to be slaughtered to make certain our product is the freshest in the land.

July and August, 2022: Sous Vide, freeze-dry, package, and ship our discounted orders.

Food Shortages are coming.

Don't Wait Until the Grocery Store
Run Out and Everyone Panics